1. 4 Way T

    4 Way T

    This month’s blog is all about our fabulous 4 Way T! It’s a thickened toilet cleaner that will clean and descale leaving a sparkling finish! 4 Way T will remove limescale, phosphate and uric deposits leaving your toilet perfectly clean. You might be wonder why its so effective? Well, it…

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  2. Concrete Remover

    Wessex Concrete Remover

    This month’s blog is all about our amazing Concrete Remover. Many more traditional concrete removers rely on high strength Hydrochloric Acid, which can give off noxious (and potential dangerous) fumes when in use. Our customers, understandably were not keen on these products as they were unpleasant to use. What they…

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  3. proflush marine engine descaler

    Blog PROFLUSH Marine Engine Descaler

    This month’s blog is all about amazing Proflush Marine Engine Descaler! Proflush came on to the market in September last year and has become increasingly popular and with good reason! It’s a synergistic blend of ingredients that will remove scale, light rust, crustaceans, salt deposits and magnetite from inside marine…

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  4. domestic appliance desscaler

    Wessex Domestic Appliance Descaler

    This month’s blog is all about our Wessex Domestic Appliance Descaler. Did you know that a build up of limescale will affect the energy efficiency of your appliance, meaning that you will spend more money on energy to use it and at the current time, this must be something we…

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  5. Wessex Teak Treat

    Our January Product Spotlight is on our Wessex Teak Treat. Now you may be thinking that we have written and posted about this product before and you would be right! However this month’s blog is about how versatile this product is! We have described how amazing this product is on…

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  6. urinal descaler

    Wessex Urinal Descaler

    This month’s blog is all about our amazing Wessex Urinal Descaler! And yes, we know, not the most glamourous of subjects but then neither is a blocked urinal! Our Chemists set to work on solving the problem, the problem of having to use concentrated sulphuric acid to unblock uric acid…

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  7. Glue remover

    Wessex Glue Remover

    This week’s blog is all about our fantastic Wessex Glue Remover. Our Glue Remover was designed to meet a need to reduce the headaches experienced when using old fashioned glue removers that contain harsh solvents like xylene. Our customers asked if we would be able to create and effective glue…

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  8. teak care bundle 1

    Wessex Teak Treat

    This week’s blog is all about Wessex Teak Treat, a product that can be overlooked! A lot of people know about our World-Famous Two-Part Teak Cleaning Programme, starting first with Wessex Teak Cleaner to clean teak and then using Wessex Teak Renovator to bring back the original colour of the…

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  9. proflush

    Proflush Marine Engine Descaler

    This week’s blog is all about our new product – Proflush Marine Engine Descaler. Since it’s a new product we decided to speak to Mike Borowski, our Managing Director, and chemistry whizz to find out more about it. The rest of the blog is a transcript of our interview So,…

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  10. carpet cleaner

    Wessex Carpet & Fabric Cleaner

    This week’s Wessex Chemical Factor’s blog post is all about our Wessex Carpet and Fabric Cleaner. Here at Wessex Chemicals, we all know how difficult it can be to keep carpets and upholstery in our cars, vans, and homes really clean! If it’s not children spilling drinks, or dogs walking…

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