Wessex Glue Remover

This week’s blog is all about our fantastic Wessex Glue Remover. Our Glue Remover was designed to meet a need to reduce the headaches experienced when using old fashioned glue removers that contain harsh solvents like xylene.

Our customers asked if we would be able to create and effective glue remove without harsh solvents. Our Chemists worked on a formula and created an alcohol-based product which has no overpowering odour but was just as effective at removing a range of glue types from all surfaces which are not harmed by water.

Not only that but Wessex Glue Remover also remains wet for longer to aid in the removal of stubborn glue before evaporating away. This means it can be sprayed or wiped on to the adhesive residue and left for a few seconds to work. The glue can then be removed with a cloth or paper towel. For very heavy adhesive you may need to repeat this process a few times.

Glue remover

Like all alcohol-based products, Glue Remover is flammable. As with all our products we strongly recommend that customers read the technical and safety data sheets before use and to ensure correct and safe handling and storage of the product. As it doesn’t contain any harsh solvents it is fully biodegradable so is not considered to be harmful to aquatic organisms and it does not cause long-term adverse effects in the environment.

So, a greener product with less side effects when in use! Why not give it a try? Check out the Glue Remover page on the website.

Glue Remover – Wessex Chemical Factors