Hot Tub Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your hot tub can ensure that it is safe and pleasant to use as well as extending the lifespan of its components

At Wessex Chemicals we have developed a new range of chemicals to make hot tub maintenance easy and cost effective. With a few hot tub owners amongst us we know exactly what you need to tackle common problems and issues.

Weekly Maintenance

Unfortunately, hot tubs and spas can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria due to the warmth and moisture. They good news is that this can be easily dealt with by weekly cleaning with our Surface Cleaner. This uses the power of nature to deal with harmful bacteria and viruses and at the same time it will tackle limescale, grease and grime as well as bad odours! We recommend spraying the shell and surrounds, leave it for a few minutes before wiping off with a clean cloth! As simple as that!

Hot Tub Surface Cleaner 750ml

Your hot tub cover plays an important role in keeping your water free from debris, insects and animals, expensive to replace it’s a good idea to look after it! Our Spa Cover Cleaner easily removes dirt, grime and grease leaving your cover clean and shiny. Not only that but after cleaning, a further spray of Spa Cover Cleaner will provide a protective, water beading layer to make it easier to clean next time!

Spa Cover Cleaner 750ml

Any water system will inevitably result in the build-up of scale, particularly in hard water areas. Limescale can build up where you can see it, making your hot tub look unappealing but also where you can’t, causing scaling- up of internal components which can affect the efficiency of your hot tub.

Our No Scale has been specifically designed for hot tubs to keep water clear and free of limescale and to protect internal components from the buildup of deposits and scale. We a weekly treatment, particularly in hard water areas but No Scale can also be used as a shock treatment if you have heavy scaling.

No Scale 1 litre

Monthly Maintenance

Hot tub filters play an essential role in keeping your hot tub safe and pleasant to use. As their name suggests they filter out contaminants from the water but if they are not regularly clean these contaminants build up which means your circulating pumps have to work a lot harder. Harder working pumps mean that they will have a reduced lifespan and they can be expensive to replace.

In order to avoid this, we recommend that you remove filters once a month for a thorough clean with our Instant Filter Cleaner. This comes in a 750ml bottle and is a ready to use formula. It has been designed to remove accumulated oils, greases and unwanted particles, including body fats and detergents from the filter. It works in 15 minutes and won’t require any elbow grease!

Instant Filter Cleaner 750ml

Every 3 months

The internal pipes of your hot tub can become clogged with residues and body oils over time. Clogged pipes mean reduced water flow and the deposits can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. To avoid these issues, we recommend treating your hot tub with our Hot Tub Flush once every 3 months. Specifically designed to clean and clear internal pipework, it will remove deposits and leave your pipe work fresh and fragrant.

Hot Tub Flush 1 litre

Common problems

All Hot Tub owners know that there are a few common problems that can occur with their hot tub, and we have a product to tackle each one!


There is little less attractive than a hot tub that is overflowing with foam! The foam is caused by a build-up of cosmetics, natural body oils and detergents. Regularly treatment with our Antifoam can prevent the build-up. It’s safe to be used in hot tubs that use bromine or chlorine treatments and not only that, it can be used as a ‘shock’ treatment if you have a sudden build-up of foam.

Antifoam 1 litre


There are a variety of reasons why algae will grow in your hot tub e.g., pH problems, not enough sanitiser. Whilst not necessarily harmful to humans it can cause the water to turn green and make your hot tub unattractive for use. So, what do you do if you already have algae? The answer is our Algaecide! This can be used for regular maintenance but also for a shock treatment to get rid of algae. It is suitable for both bromine and chlorine users.

Algaecide 1 litre

Cloudy Water

Over time micro particles, which are too small for filters, can build up and cause the water in your hot tub to become cloudy. Our Water Clarifier causes these micro particles to coagulate and form larger clusters which are then large enough for your filtration system to remove. No micro particles means clear water! As with most of our hot tub products this can be used as a shock treatment or regularly to keep your water clear.

Water Clarifier 1 litre

If you want to know more about individual products, including instructions on use then check out the Hot Tub Section of our website

Hot Tub Maintenance