Wessex Urinal Descaler

This month’s blog is all about our amazing Wessex Urinal Descaler! And yes, we know, not the most glamourous of subjects but then neither is a blocked urinal!

Our Chemists set to work on solving the problem, the problem of having to use concentrated sulphuric acid to unblock uric acid and limescale deposits on urinals and their pipework. Concentrated sulphuric acid is nasty stuff, it can irritate your lungs and throat, it can burn your skin (as it is highly corrosive) and can cause you to experience nausea and vomiting. All in all, best avoided it at all possible!

For a while it was the only thing that was really effective at clearing out these deposits and unblocking urinals. But then our Chemists came up with Wessex Urinal Descaler. Our urinal descaler uses a blend of organic acids, which are much safer to use than concentrated sulphuric acid, and a surfactant and inhibitor. As a result, our urinal descaler doesn’t cause fumes unlike sulphuric making it safer all round.

urinal descaler
Urinal Descaler 1 litre

From tests in the lab, we know that 1 litre of product will deal with around 1kg of uric acid/limescale compound so its efficient too. It is available in 1 and 5 litres and so we recommend that you estimate how much scale you have before purchasing.

To use urinal descaler you need to plug or bung the outflow for the urinals, creating a closed system. Then add the calculated amount of urinal descaler and top up with water, until the solution is visible in the urinal bowl. To achieve best results, leave in-situ for 1 – 2 hours and then remove bung/plug and let the system drain. Your urinals and pipes should now be free of build up!

There is even better news, Wessex Urinal Descaler is safe to use on all metals usually associated with urinals, including stainless steel.

If you use urinal blocks and find they are causing problems in your urinal system, then why not check out our Bio Blocks which will never block your system! Bio Blocks are biological and dissolve over time in water – so no more blockages caused by urinal blocks!

For more information on our Bio Blocks click on the link above!

As with all our products we strongly recommend that you read the Technical and Safety Data sheets before use. These can be found here:

Urinal-Descaler-WP-1308.pdf (wessexchemicalfactors.co.uk)

Urinal-Descaler-WP-1308.pdf (wessexchemicalfactors.co.uk)

If you want to know about Wessex Urinal Descaler or you want to buy some then click on the link below:

Urinal Descaler – Wessex Chemical Factors – Organic ACid

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