1. Update on products affected by new legislation

    You may be aware that new legislation came into affect on 1st October 2023 which meant that several of our products could no longer be sold to the general public. As a result these products could only be purchased by professional users through a company. The company was required to…

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  2. New regulations & changes to the way you can buy products

    Poisons Act 1972, The control of Poisons and Explosive Precursors Regulations 2023 From the 1st October 2023, new regulations will come into effect that will change the way you purchase some of our products. You may have noticed that some products can no longer be purchased from the website and…

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  3. Teak Treat and Mould Suppressant no longer available

    Some new research has highlighted that one of the raw materials in these products, disodium octoborate, may present higher risks to human health than previously thought. As a result, the European Commission has re-classed it to a substance of ‘Very high concern’. This new classification means that disodium octoborate is…

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  4. propeller cleaner 1 lt with sprayer

    New bottle for Propeller Cleaner!

    You may notice a change when you go to order our propeller cleaner! After some feedback from our customers about the amount needed to clean a propeller, we decided to move from a 750ml bottle to a 1 litre bottle….and currently the price remains the same! So you get 1…

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