Spa Cover Cleaner

Spa Cover Cleaner removes girt, grime and grease from covers on hot tubs and spas. This no-rinse formula is easy to use and protects the surface from scratches during cleaning, no matter how grubby the cover is! It also leaves behind a protective, water-beading surface, keeping it clean for longer.

  • Easily removes dirt, grime and grease
  • Leaves hot tub covers clean and shiny
  • Free from silicone and china clay
  • Leaves protective, water beading layer behind.
  • Protects surfaces from scratches whilst cleaning


Spa Cover Cleaner is an easy to use, spray on and buff formula which will not only clean you cover, but also leave a protective layer.

The cover of your hot tub or spa is so important. It keeps the heat in, the water clean and free from debris and we know it needs looking after.
This fast-acting, no-rinse product is just the right bottle for the job. Not only will it remove dirt, grime & grease but once treated, your cover will repel water, beading it away and discouraging growths the take hold on the surface, keeping mould and algae at bay.
Unlike many other no-rinse formulas’, Spa Cover Cleaner doesn’t contain any silicone or china clay and will also protect the surface from being scratched whilst cleaning as it pulls dirt away from the surface being cleaned, leaving the cover clean and shiny without leaving behind any damaging materials.

For best results, use 2 x microfibre cloths
Spray a small amount of Cleaner on to cloth 1
Spray the hot tub cover with Cleaner and leave for 30 seconds
Wipe clean hot tub cover with cloth 1, then use cloth 2 to buff the cleaned area to a shine

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