Hot Tub Antifoam

Hot Tub Antifoam removes foam from water in hot tubs, spas and pools. Foaming can be caused by many different factors including the pH of the water, contaminants from users and detergents on the hot tub surface.

  • Specifically designed for hot tubs, spas & swimming pools
  • Removes foam caused by build-up of cosmetics, body oils & detergents
  • Can be used as a shock treatment
  • Suitable for bromine and chlorine users.


Hot Tub Antifoam will remove foam caused by cosmetics, body oils and detergents. In hot tubs, spas and swimming pools, contaminants will build-up over time and create foam on the water surface, there are various factors which cause foaming, some which you can do something about, others which will happen no matter what you do!
An excess of cosmetics on the skin, including lotion and deodorant will end up in the water, this effect can be reduced by rinsing before you enter the water.

Other causes can be high pH levels, cleaners which haven’t been rinsed from the surface and dirty filters, if the water hasn’t been changed for a few months, even with a great maintenance schedule you are likely to start to see foam forming in the water.

No matter the cause of the foaming, Hot Tub Antifoam will disperse the foam and get your water back to looking clear and giving you bubbles without foam! By breaking the surface tension of the water, the small bubbles of the foam burst and can be redirected back to the filter where contaminants can be removed.


For best results make sure your filters are clean to enable them to remove the contaminants
Add 50ml of product to the foaming area as required
Run jets to help circulate solution for 30 seconds
Add more antifoam if spa/pool has excessive foam
Once foam has been removed, rinse your filters again to remove the contaminants from the filters.

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