Instant Filter Cleaner

Instant Filter Cleaner removes unwanted particles from your hot tubs filters, including oils, greases, detergents and body fats.


Instant Filter Cleaner works quickly and effectively to remove unwanted deposits from filters in spas, hot tubs and pools.
No matter what you do, there will always be particles in your hot tub which need to be removed by the filters, which then need to be removed from the filters because dirty filters cannot clean efficiently, and will result in poor water quality and reduced water circulation.
This easy to use, spray on product will remove particles including oils, greases, body fats and detergents from the filter, thus removing them from the hot tub and allowing the water to circulate freely through the filter.

Regular use of Instant Filter Cleaner will maintain your water quality and flow rate, keeping your hot tub running smoothly and your water clean and clear, and it works in just 15 minutes!


Safety First: Wear gloves, protective eye wear and protect clothes.
Remove filters from spa or hot tub
Place filter in a plastic bucket, preferable outside (Do not place filter in steel sinks or on wooden worktops as discolouration may occur).
Spray the Instant Filter Spray evenly over filter and leave in-situ for 15 minutes.
Thoroughly rinse off then return filter to spa or hot tub.

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