No Scale

No Scale removes and prevents limescale buildups from internal components and pipework in your hot tub or spa.

  • Can be used weekly as a maintenance product
  • Keeps water clear and free of limescale
  • Protects internal components from the build up of deposits of scale



No Scale is a descaler for use in hot tubs, spas and pools to remove and prevent limescale. Limescale can buildup in water systems and will reduce the efficiency of your hot tub, causing problems including slow water flow rates and in extreme cases totally blocked pipes.

No Scale will break down any limescale deposits which have already formed within the internal components and pipework of your spa or hot tub, increasing your water flow rate and in turn, the efficiency of your appliance.

If you already suspect a buildup of limescale, follow the Shock Treatment instructions, this will breakdown the scale in to small enough particles to get it moving so it can then be removed by the filters. For general, regular maintenance to keep scale at bay, follow the Weekly Treatment instructions.


Shock treatment:
If you have limescale build up, add 25ml to 1000 litres of water. If you are in a hard water area or have heavy scaling, you may need to repeat the process.

Weekly treatment:
Add 15ml per 1000 litres of water.
We also recommend that you clean any filters once a week with this product.


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