Water Clarifier

Water Clarifier can be used as a shock treatment to clear cloudy water, or as a regular maintenance product to prevent the water from becoming cloudy.

  • Coagulates small particles into larger clusters to allow for removal by filters
  • Can be used as shock treatment
  • Suitable for bromine and chlorine users.
  • Can be used daily in high use pools/spas to keep water clear.


Water Clarifier does exactly what it says! No matter how good your filter system some particles are just too minute to be caught in the filters but can still make the water cloudy. Our solution? Make them bigger!
Water clarifier does this by causing the contaminants to stick together (also called coagulating). By causing the particles to coagulate, water clarifier turns them in to larger clumps which will then be caught by the filter and removed from the water.

If your water is already looking cloudy, then a shock treatment may be needed, once the water is clear you can continue to use this product daily to keep the water clear and free from micro-particles. It’s also safe to use if you already treat your water with either chlorine or bromine.


Spas and Hot Tubs
Use approximately 100ml per 1000 litres of bathing water
Dilute in a container prior to application and ensure good mixing through the spa to aid flocculation.
Keep filters on during application in spa/hot tub

Swimming Pools
Dose approximately 3 litres per 50,000 litres of water.
Water clarifier can be used as part of a daily cleaning routine to help keep clear and free from dirt if in a frequently used environment

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