Hot Tub Surface Cleaner

Hot Tub Surface Cleaner is a 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaner harnesses natural ingredients to remove dirt, grease, grime and light scale from hot tubs and spas.
With it’s fresh citrus fragrance your hot tub will be left fresh and sparkling!

  • Eco friendly
  • Will remove limescale, grease and grime
  • Contains friendly bacteria that digest unpleasant odours
  • Uses the power of nature
  • Easy to use


Hot Tub Surface Cleaner is a powerful, eco-friendly cleaner for all surfaces on hot tubs and spas. Made from naturally occurring materials, our surface cleaner will remove dirt, grease, grime and surface scale from all hard surfaces, leaving them clean and shiny. Now with a light, citrus fragrance, a quick wipe down will give your hot tub that extra freshness!

100% biodegradable, Hot Tub Surface Cleaner uses natural materials, including bacteria based cleaning technology. These friendly bacteria not only help breakdown fats and greases, they also remove sources of bad odours, How? Well, they actually breakdown and consume the short-chain molecules which cause the bad smells in the first place, stopping them before they reach your nose
So if you have any lingering odours on or around the hot tub, give the areas a spray with our surface cleaner, leave overnight and then give it a wipe and rinse the next day and the smells will be gone.



Wet area to be cleaned and spray on surface cleaner.

Leave for a few minutes then wipe with a cloth, sponge or similar.

Rinse with water.

It’s that simple!


Top Tip – For surfaces which may be difficult to scrub, such as non-slip surfaces, use a soft bristled brush to get right in between raised areas.

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