Sprayov Oven Cleaner

Spraov is a caustic based, spray on oven cleaner for removing heavy burnt deposits, fats and greases from commercial and domestic ovens.

  • Removes heavy deposits from ovens
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial ovens
  • Leaves surface clean and grease-free

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Sprayov Oven Cleaner is a caustic oven cleaner which can be sprayed inside ovens to remove burnt on deposits, fats and grease.
Ideal for use in domestic and commercial ovens, Sprayov will work on heavily carbonised surfaces, breakdown down the hardened material and allowing it to be more easily removed.


Sprayov works best when the oven is slightly warm prior to application, simply spray on, leave for a few minutes to penetrate. Wipe clean and then finally, wipe over with a damp cloth to remove excess cleaner.

Available in 5 litre containers, we currently have limited stock and due, to the availability of certain raw materials we are no longer able to produce this formula, so when it’s gone it’s gone!
The best and safest type of sprayer to us is one with a foaming nozzle, you can buy the 750 ml sprayer, bottle and nozzle here if you need them.

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