Siltfree is used to treat central heating systems suffering from blockages, it will pick up silt deposits and holds them in suspension, freeing up the system until it can be safely flushed through.


Siltfree picks up silt deposits and holds them in suspension preventing them from causing blockages and allowing for easy flushing of the system or area. Most commonly used in central heating systems, Siltfree works by creating a positive charge on the silt particles which prevents them from ‘sticking’ back together. This means that silt and debris will continue to float around the system without blocking pipework and can be flushed out with the system water.

With a dosing rate of less than 0.1 %, only a small drop is needed for many systems to get them flowing again and ready to be flushed if required.

For further technical information including health and safety, please see the data sheets below.

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