R500will protect tools and blades from the elements and prevent rust forming. A great product for any workshop or tool shed. is a rustbusting toolkit in a can which protects and maintains cutting tools, blades, machinery and other tools.


R500 is a rustbusting toolkit in a can that protects and maintains cutting tools, blades, machinery and other tools.

It will penetrate and loosen rusted components, lubricate to prevent squeaking and leave a protective film to prevent further rusting. Being solvent-based, R500 will evaporate and leave behind a protective film to guard against corrosion.

If used as a regular maintenance product metal parts and tools will be protected from rusting, seizing and squeaking.

Also available in a 5 litre bulk container as Rustbuster.

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It's the first time I've used this product, but so far so good. This one produces a fine mist of oil which is lest wasteful than the leading brand which can often procuce a stream of liquid on dispensing rather than the required mist, necessitating wiping and wastage. The oil leaves a nice, thin, evenly distributed film and so looks like it will do the intended job. Lubrication properties seem very acceptable so far. Odour is relatively mild and inoffensive, different and less strong than the leading brand. I leave only 4 stars since I can't rate the long term performance yet having only just started using it, but if it works I'll be repeating my order. It's for a communal tool shed so performance is important.

Simon - R500 Spray

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