Propeller Cleaner

Our superb Propeller Cleaner is highly effective at cleaning propeller blades, shafts and casings. Save time by simply brushing on, leaving for 5-10 minutes and rinsing off – no hard scrubbing!


Propeller Cleaner is a professional grade formulation which has been designed to remove calcium deposits, algae and soften and help remove barnacles from all boat and yacht propellers. It delivers superb propeller cleaning results on a range of metals including stainless steel, bronze and aluminium propeller blades, shafts and casings.

Propeller Cleaner is easy, efficient and quick to use with an acidic formulation that doesn’t release pungent gases or fumes. It will leave your propeller clean and shiny without the need for serious elbow grease!

Would you like to know more? Read this blog post on the Wessex Boat Store for further insights and product information.

If you’re unsure, have a look at the video to see just how easy it is to use and how effective it is at cleaning.

Due to the popularity of the product, we’ve ceased production of the 750 ml bottles and have increased to 1 litre bottles with a foaming sprayhead (please note that your bottle will be shipped with a transport cap and a separate sprayer, remove the sprayhead after each use and rinse thoroughly to prevent degradation).

Available in 1 litre bottles with a foaming sprayhead and in 3.25 litre refill bottles, so you can top up your spray bottle, saving money and plastic!

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2nd May 2024

Wessex Chemicals move manufacturing to new factory to enable both new product development and increased production levels

As the business has grown, the company now need a larger factory premises to meet increasing customer demand for existing  as well as create important new products to add to their portfolio