Macerator Cleaner

Macerator Cleaner is designed for the regular cleaning, maintenance and protection of macerator units. It is suitable for all types of macerator pump and will help prolong the macerator unit’s life.

  • Suitable for all macerator pumps
  • Prolongs the units life
  • Safe for use with septic tanks
  • For domestic and industrial use


Macerator Cleaner has been designed for the regular cleaning, maintenance and protection of macerator units.

Scale buildup can case blockages and breakdowns of macerators and is a particular problem in hard water areas. Once blockages start to form, they can be difficult to get rid of so regular use of Macerator Cleaner is important as it will breakdown any scale which is building up in the system, keeping the water flowing and your equipment working more effectively.
Using Macerator Cleaner will also help to prolong the life of your equipment, saving you money in the long-term.
This cleaner is so safe to use that it can even be used in areas where the waste ends up in a septic tank without causing damage to the tank.

Before and cleaning or maintenance, make sure you disconnect the macerator unit from the electricity supply.

Pour approximately 1 litre into the toilet bowl, flush and leave to work for 2 hours.

Reconnect the unit to the electricity supply and then flush the unit twice.



Very hard water – Once a month
Hard water – Every 3 months
Soft water – Every 6 months

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