Complete Bio Drain Care

For use in industrial kitchens and drains. Used as a regular maintenance product, Complete Bio Drain Care will keep drains free-flowing by digesting fat, grease and soap deposits and removing scale in pipe-work.

  • 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Breaks down grease, fats and scale
  • Keeps drains free flowing and odour free


Designed for use in industrial kitchens and drains, Complete Bio Drain Care should be used regularly, to keep drains free-flowing. It works by digesting fat, grease and soap deposits and removing scale which builds up in drains and pipe-work over time.

This 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly product has been formulated using a triple blend of specific bacteria which work together, Complete Bio Drain Care will pull apart fat and grease deposits, and break down scale. It will also deal with nasty, organic odours using odour destroying enzymes.
All in one single product and all completely environmentally friendly.

This excellent product can also be used in showers, baths and outside drains where organic matter including fat, grease, hair and soap buildup might cause clogging and slow drainage.


For best results, dose when the area is not going to be used for a few hours (ie. at the end of the shift) and leave the bacteria to do their work.

For use with peristaltic pump

Dose with between 50 – 100 ml of product at end of shift and leave.

Hand Dose

Dose with 100ml, simply pour down the drain / sink at end of shift and leave.

For further information please read the Technical Data and SDS below.

Technical Data Safety Data

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