Carpet & Fabric Cleaner

This highly effective cleaner is perfect for carpets, fabrics and upholstery effortlessly removing stubborn stains and cleaning large areas.

  • Super concentrate
  • Can be used in carpet cleaning machines
  • Great for manual cleaning
  • Effective as a spot cleaner
  • Removes stubborn stains including beetroot, turmeric and red wine.


Carpet & Fabric Cleaner is perfect for cleaning large areas of carpet, as well as smaller stubborn stains on many surfaces.

Whether it’s just general muck and grime from dirty shoes on carpets and rugs, or sticky hands on upholstery, Carpet Cleaner is a fast and effective way to remove stains and clean up fabrics without a load of hand scrubbing and elbow grease.
It’s highly concentrated formula means it can be used in a variety of ways, including in washing machines for spot cleaning and in carpet cleaners. It easily removes the most stubborn of stains including beetroot, turmeric and red wine. Use this one bottle for a whole range of cleaning on a variety of fabrics and hard surfaces., whether just spot cleaning by hand or using a machine to clean a large area.

Spot Cleaning; simply spray on the stain or dirty area, lightly agitate and leave for between 1 minute or until the area has dried. Then wipe up with a cloth or sponge.

Large Areas: First, spray any stubborn spots before you begin as this will improve stain removal, then dose as per the cleaning machines guide and use as instructed.

Carpet & Fabric Cleaner is also great for removing troublesome stains on melamine worktops, wooden surfaces and tiles, again simply spray on to the area, lightly agitate and leave for a minute or two, then simply wipe away.


  • Carpet Cleaner is also great for removing grease stains from fabrics ( do not use on very delicate fabrics such as silk).
  • If removing stains from hard surfaces, wipe over with our Waterless Wash afterwards to add a light layer of protection to the surface.
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