Waterline Cleaner

Waterline Cleaner cleans away residues which can buildup along the waterline of hot tubs, spas and pools. These buildups are not only unsightly but they can promote the growth of bacteria which will up in the water. Ensure your tub is clean, shiny and safe to use by cleaning it with Waterline Cleaner.


  • Can be used in hot tubs, spas & swimming pools.
  • Effective liquid cleaner that will remove oils & greases from waterline.
  • Prolongs life of inside shell of hot tub/spa.


Hot Tub Waterline Cleaner does exactly what it says! It cleans the waterline of your hot tub, spa or pool, removing residues of oils and scale which build up over time.

Regular use of your appliance will cause a build-up of scale, natural oils and detergent residues, no matter if you always rinse before you bathe, there will always be come reside which ends up in the water and eventually, on the skin of the hot tub. These residues are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and algae and need to be removed to keep your hot tub clean and fresh and to help extend the life of the hot tub shell.

You can use Waterline cleaner when the tub is full of water but it’s best to use it when empty, before refilling with fresh water. For regular maintenance, we recommend using our Surface Cleaner to keep on top of the cleaning between water changes.


If you decide to use this as a regular maintenance product, simply add some product to a clean sponge or cloth and wipe around the waterline, removing the residue as you go.

Full Clean 

If the appliance is empty, apply to a clean sponge / cloth and wipe around the waterline.

Leave for up to 5 minutes then wipe away with a clean sponge / cloth.

Rinse away with fresh water.

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