Wessex Carpet & Fabric Cleaner

This week’s Wessex Chemical Factor’s blog post is all about our Wessex Carpet and Fabric Cleaner. Here at Wessex Chemicals, we all know how difficult it can be to keep carpets and upholstery in our cars, vans, and homes really clean! If it’s not children spilling drinks, or dogs walking in mud, its gardeners coming in the house without wiping their feet first. We have all been there! And that’s why we developed our Wessex Carpet and Fabric Cleaner.

Wessex Carpet & Fabric Cleaner comes in a handy 500ml dosing bottle or why not try a 1 Lt or 3.25 Lt refill?

It can be used for spot cleaning (diluted in a spray bottle with water), used in carpet cleaning machines or sprayed on to a large area of carpet, agitated with a scrubbing brush and vacuumed when the carpet is dry.

Wessex Carpet & Fabric Cleaner is highly concentrated and so we recommend a dilution of 1 part cleaner to 80 parts water, which equates to 20ml in a 10-litre bucket of water. So not only is it a highly effective cleaner, its economical too. One of our top tips for using this product is to stick to the recommended dosing. If you overdose you can be left with a white residue which will mean you will have to clean the carpet again!

If you are using a cleaning machine, then you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions in relation to the concentration of solution to use. As with all carpet and upholstery cleaners you should spot test a hidden area to check for any issues.

Wessex Carpet & Fabric Cleaner is not just good on carpet, it can be used on upholstery like sofas and car seats. Not only that but we have found it is effective at removing stubborn stains, like beetroot, turmeric, and red wine, from worktops.

It comes in a 500ml dosing bottle (if you have used our Blue or Clear Bio then you will recognise the bottle!). Making it easier to get the right dose and avoid tipping too much into your bucket or carpet machine. As with most Wessex Chemical Factors products we also sell Carpet and & Fabric Cleaner in 1 Lt or 3.25Lt refill to reduce the use of virgin plastic and plastic waste!

Why not check out our page on this website: Carpet & Fabric Cleaner – Wessex Chemical Factors

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