Two Easy

Two Easy is an easy to use, highly concentrated vehicle wash which can be put through a pressure washer using warm or cold water.


Two Easy is a non-caustic pressure-washer additive for cleaning vehicles, it can be used with a pressure washer using warm or cold water and is safe to use on any surface not normally affected by water.

Because of its chelating properties and surfactants, Two Easy is excellent at removing ingrained dirt, salt, seagull droppings and also leaves a streak-free finish.
Dilutable up to 600 parts water to 1 part product, this is a highly economical and effective product for cleaning down all vehicles.

Available in 5 litre containers

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4th July 2022

Two Easy Vehicle Wash

This month’s blog is all about our Two Easy Vehicle Wash! It is a non-caustic pressure washer additive for cleaning vehicles. It has been specially designed so it can be used with warm or cold water and it will remove ingrained dirt, salt, seagull droppings, leaving a streak free finish!…

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