Teak Sealer

Teak Sealer is easy to use and will protect your teak from the elements and from staining caused by every day use. It also contains a UV protector to shield the wood from harmful UV rays, prolonging the natural appearance of the wood.

  • Shields and protects from the elements
  • Keeps mould spores at bay
  • Made with natural, sustainably sourced material
  • Leaves a water-resistant, non-slip surface


Since the success of our Teak Cleaner and Teak Renovator, we have been asked countless times if we do a Teak Sealer, now, we can finally say yes!
After much research, development, and testing, we have created a product that we’re incredibly proud of and that we’re happy to put our name to.

Wessex Teak Sealer is an emulsion-based sealer formulated using sustainably sourced Tung Oil as its base. Tung Oil has excellent water-proofing properties and has been used for centuries to protect wood from the elements, extending the time between cleaning and extending the life of the wood, saving you time and money. We have combined the Tung Oil with other materials to improve the product’s longevity and added a UV protector to protect the wood from harmful UV rays which can rapidly affect the appearance of the wood.



Wessex Teak Sealer is very easy to apply, simply apply to clean, dry wood with a brush and cover the surface using even strokes. After approximately 1 hour, the sealer will be dry and your deck will be protected.
For the best finish, clean the wood first with our Teak Cleaner and Teak Renovator, and then apply the sealer once the wood is dry.

NB Discounts are available when you buy Teak Sealer as part of our Teak Care Bundle.


For further technical information, please see the below Technical Data Sheet.

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