Powerflush Descaler

Powerflush Descaler removes scale, corrosion deposits and more from central heating systems.


Powerflush Descaler loosens and dissolves limescale, iron oxides and corrosion deposits from central heating systems, specifically from the heat exchanger.

We recommend only using this product in the boiler as this is where scale build up occurs, not generally through the pipework and radiators. For other parts of the system please see our Rapid Cleanse and Sludge & Flux Remover as these are much more effective in pipework and radiators.


Powerflush Descaler is safe to use on metals generally found in heating systems including steel, stainless steel, iron copper and brass, also plastics and rubber.
It can be flushed through thoroughly with water or if time or water wastage is an issue then our Acid Neutraliser will speed up the procees, pH papers are also available so can be sure you’ve neutralised all the acid.

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