urinal descaler

Urinal Descaler

Urinal Descaler is a fast and effective way to unblock urinal pipework which has scale and uric acid build-ups.


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Urinal Descaler is a blend of organic acids which is safe to use and will unblock pipework which suffers from scale and uric acid build-up. A far safer alternative than the traditional high-strength acids, Urinal Descaler will not fume and can be used with all metals commonly found in and around urinals.

A single litre of the product will deal with approximately 1 kg of uric acid/limescale so the amount you need will depend on the severity of the build-up in the pipework.

If you’re finding that urinal blocks are causing a problem in the system, try our Bio Blocks which will never block up your system, are completely biological and dissolve over time with water.


For further technical and safety information, please see the sheets below.


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