Brexit – update

So now that Brexit has happened and a last minute agreement was reached, we are still trying to make sense of all the new rules and regulations. Before the deadline we were very busy ensuring that all of our product information was up to date and that the necessary information was shared with the correct authorities. We’re now looking to the future to ensure that any other regulatory changes which affect us are fully understood and complied with.

We have now submitted all our Poison Centre Notifications (PCN) for every product which we export to the EU. This is a legal requirement for selling any goods to the EU that carry a hazard warning, which came in to force on the 1st of January 2021 across Europe. We’re really proud of our staff for getting the information complete and submitted during such a trying time for us all. The industry as a whole has been under a great deal of pressure to get this complete and with the help of our amazing suppliers we were able to get there.

Although we’re not naïve enough to think that there won’t be any hiccoughs when it comes to exporting to the EU, we have prepared everything we can from product information to invoicing. We’ve also been working closely with our suppliers and freight forwarders to ensure continued supply of all of our raw materials and to minimise shipping delays.

We look forward to continuing strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers in the EU for many years to come and will work hard to overcome any obstacles which present themselves.