WCF 4, a handy product for workshops, industrial or domestic. Lubricates, dewaters and releases seized parts.


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WCF 4 is a spray-on, lubricating and dewatering fluid which will help to release rusted and seized parts, whilst also offering corrosion protection indoors for up to 6 months.

Although care should be taken around electrical components, WCF 4 can also be used to dry out ignition systems to prevent shorting.

Suitable for use on rusted and seized nuts and bolts, painted surfaces, rubber, plastics and most metals, this is a great product to have around whether in a workshop or at home. It can be used to silence squeaky hinges and on door locks to help lubricate the mechanism.

It can be purchased as individual cans or if you buy a dozen, you’ll get 12 cans for the price of 10.

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