full system flush

Powerflush Pack – full system flush

Powerflush Pack – Full System Flush Pack is a 3 product system for the efficient and effective cleaning of domestic central heating systems.


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Powerflush pack – full system flush is a faster, cheaper, more effective method of cleaning domestic heating systems. This method evolved using experience gained from large scale industrial heating and cooling systems and trials with heating engineers.

For dirty systems, we have found that a combination of the three products below is a quick, efficient, and economical method of Powerflushing. By cleaning all radiators in one loop, some of our customers are reporting powerflushing in around two hours.

The method for using Powerflush pack – full system flush involves three separate products; Sludge & Flux Remover and Siltfree for the radiators and pipework and Powerflush Descaler for the heat exchanger.

How it works:

  1. Silt Free is a flocculent blend that is typically used to shift deposits of silt, mud and sand etc from open drains. Silt Free gives the particles buoyancy in water and by putting a small electrical charge on each particle, causes them to repel each other. Material treated with Silt Free will not form a solid mass again. This enables the silt and sludge content of heating systems to be more easily removed with Powerflushing. The product is suitable for superheated high-pressure systems.
  2. Sludge and Flux Remover cleans and neutralises flux residues, debris, oils and grease from new and old systems, as well as flocculating magnetite sludges and particulate residues, to facilitate their easy removal with a Powerflush machine. Sludge and Flux Remover is suitable for use with all components. It will not harm aluminium and requires no neutralisation. The product can remove light rust and helps to descale and soften water.
  3. Powerflush Descaler loosens and dissolves corrosion deposits, limescale and iron oxides typically found in heating systems with circulation and heat transfer problems.Note: All these products are ‘water neutralised’ but if time is an issue, use Soda Ash on the Powerflush Descaler to neutralise for faster results.