leak sealer

Leak Sealer

Leak Sealer plugs small leaks in domestic central heating systems, making is easy to stop pressure drops and water loss even if you’re not 100% sure where the leak is.


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Leak Sealer is for use in domestic heating systems to seal small leaks in pipework and round joints. It’s very useful if the leak is not obvious or is inaccessible as it will circulate around the whole system to plug any small leaks internally and externally without causing any blockages in the system.

Within 24 hours of using Leak Sealer in the system, you will notice the product will have done its job and plugged any small leaks, you should notice any reduction in pressure has been rectified and water losses have been stopped (products effectiveness does depend on the rate of leakage and is best used in a warm system).

Full usage and health & safety information can be found on the data sheets below.

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