hull white

Hull White

Our Hull White formula is an effective gel which removes yellow/brown stains from fibreglass, leaving boat and yacht hulls clean and bright.

It’s gel consistency means that it remains in place giving a longer contact time, this allows it to to work on the right area for the whole application.



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Hull White is a fibreglass whitening gel, which removes stubborn staining. It can be used on any fibreglass surface which has become discoloured through age and weathering and is effective at removing the brown/yellow staining on the waterlines of boats.

As it is a gel, it stays where you apply it, even on vertical surfaces, meaning it can stay in contact with the surface for a longer period of time. It’s so easy to use, simply coat the area which needs cleaning, leave for 30-60 minutes and remove with a hose, brush or pressure washer. Once clean and white you can apply polish as usual.
Hull White is available in 1 kg and 500 gr tubs which are fully recyclable.


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