Cutter Clean

Cutter Clean

Cutter Clean is a water-based cleaner for the removal of wood resin and other particles from saw blades, planer blades, router bits and more.


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Cutter Clean is a water-based formulation for the removal of wood resin from planer blades, saw blades, router bits and other tools where resin build up occurs.
Maintaining the blades and tools in this way will extend tool life and significantly reduce the time between sharpening of blades.

Aside from removing wood resin, Cutter Clean will also remove oil, fuel deposits, carbon, dyes, creosote, ink, nicotine, tannic stains, exhaust carbon and many more stubborn stains.

As it can be diluted with between 3 and 6 parts water this is a very economical product. Simply spray or brush on to the surface to be cleaned, leave for a few seconds then simply wipe clean.

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