Cleanbrite ITFR

Cleanbrite ITFR is a highly-concentrated pressure washer additive use on chassis and engines to remove grease, oil and grime.


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Cleanbrite ITFR is a highly-concentrated, incredibly effective pressure washer additive which is safe for use on all paint types. It is excellent for cleaning chassis, engines and for using through pressure washer machines.
Best used at dilutions of between 300 and 600:1 (just 1 part of product to 600 parts water), 1 bottle will last a very long time.

Featuring a selection of surface-active ingredients, sequestrants and alkaline builders, Cleanbrite ITFR rapidly lifts, disperses and removes traffic film from metal surfaces including vehicles and also from concrete. Best used through a pressure washer machine with warm or cold water, with minimal agitation you can achieve an excellent smear-free finish.
Available in 20 litre drums online, call or email for larger sizes.

For further product information including usage instructions and health and safety precautions, please see the below Technical Data Sheets and SDS.

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