Odour Eliminator

Our special Odour Eliminator effectively removes odours safely and naturally leaving you with only fresh air. Available in 750 ml sprays and a 3.25 litre refill.




Wessex Odour Eliminator very cleverly uses bacteria to consume the source of unpleasant smells meaning it removes the source rather than just masking the smell. It is suitable for use in caravans, motorhomes, boats, cars and the home.

This liquid is suitable for use on fabrics, hard surfaces and any other surface not affected by water and is great for removing offensive odours caused by pet and human accidents.

It effectively removes a wide range of odours caused by urine, spilt milk, vomit, cigarette smoke, stale odours and a whole lot more (we will leave that to your imagination!).

Odour Eliminator is very easy to use, simply spray onto the offending material and leave to work its magic leaving no residue or stain. Note: This is not an aerosol air freshener, it is a speciality liquid that is sprayed onto surfaces where the source of the odour is located.

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