Multi-surface biocidal cleaner

Multi-surface Biocidal Cleaner is a food-safe cleaner which destroys dirt, grease and grime and kills germs, all in one bottle!



This super new multi-surface cleaner is highly effective at cleaning all surfaces. It’s triple action formulation emulsifies, cleans and sterilises all at once.

It is bleach-free so will not harm any surfaces and is completely food safe.

Multi-surface biocidal cleaner can be used as a general cleaner for floors, walls, paintwork, work surfaces, food prep areas, tables and anywhere requiring a clean and sterile surface. It will dissolve proteins, animal and vegetable fats, grease, sugar and chocolate residues whilst also killing a broad range of bacteria. Once it has picked up all the grease and grime it keeps it dissolved within the fluid and therefore it won’t block up drains when it’s rinsed away.

Please note that the 750ml size is a ready to use formula and the 3.25 litre is the super-concentrate, you can achieve up to 16 refills of the 750 ml from just one 3.25 litre bottle.

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