CB50 is a versatile,  multi-surface cleaner which is safe to use on any surface which would not normally be harmed by water.

  • Tackles dirt, grime and grease with ease
  • Removes tyre marks from painted floors
  • Cleans heavy grease deposits from CNC machines etc.
  • Highly concentrated and cost effective cleaner



CB50 is an excellent, all-round cleaning solution, especially for places where grease and grime build-ups occur and on flooring where there is heavy foot / tyre traffic.

By taking one of our formulas originally produced for cleaning highly sensitive aerospace parts and modifying it slightly, we originally produced CB50 as a cleaner for aluminium and alloys commonly found on motorbikes.
Due to it’s versatility, it has since been sold to a variety of different companies for many different uses, here are just a few;

  • Factory floor cleaner – great at removing black marks from painted floors.
  • Pressure washer additive for cleaning walls – internal and external
  • Vehicle cleaning – including cars, motorhomes and bikes
  • Washing down engineering workshops including CNC machines.

Because CB50 is solvent free, readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly it’s an excellent choice for many general cleaning applications. As a  highly concentrated formula, CB50 can be diluted down with up to 20 parts water and remains an incredibly effective cleaner. Even in it’s concentrated form it’s safe to use on paint work and can be used as a spot cleaner to soften and remove hardened bird lime and tree sap from all vehicle paint work without damaging or dulling the surface.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty truck wash, check out Cleanbrite ITFR.

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